Project Overview


The scope of this project is the development of an interoperability scheme for the co-existence of multiple interactivity and Connected TV solutions on different Digital TV platforms (such as ISDB-Tb, DVB-S/-T/-C and IPTV). This includes exchanging and using the same information as well as gaining access to the same content sources, by creating solutions to decrease the efforts for adapting services to multiple platforms and to ease access to a global market for all, allowing the reuse of interactive content worldwide.

Main objectives of the GLOBAL ITV project are:

  1. Coexistence
  2. Interoperability
  3. Convergence

of HbbTV and Ginga, while at the same time ensuring that the resulting standards and solutions have an impact on business and involve all stakeholders.

Development in Progress   Global ITV demonstrator

Our goal

The ultimate aim is to lay the foundation for a global interoperable TV platform which covers integrated broadcast and broadband services. In this joint Brazilian-European endeavour, we will define and showcase a reliable migration path and a coexistence scenario towards a next-generation hybrid TV platform based on established web standards.


Management structure