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E-Blue WebTV Wireless Keyboard

Wireless remote control in the form of a keyboard for Connected TVs, which supports Windows 8, Android, Mac and PlayStation 3. It contains all the basic functions of a keyboard and mouse, like scrolling to move pages, motion-enabled mouse positioning and one-touch clicking. Source: RedFerret

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4th Media Web Symposium

Fraunhofer FOKUS hosted the 4th Media Web Symposium during the 8-9th of May in Berlin. More than 170 participants came from all over the world to experience lots of inspiring conversations and debates at the event, and enjoyed their stay in Berlin. Exciting and interesting speeches took place in course of the two days event, and guests and […]

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TVX Grand Challenge

TVX Grand Challenge 2014-03-28 TVX2014 organises a Grand Challenge Competition and has recently announced some substantial cash prizes for the best solutions. The event is supported by the FIcontent project. They have re-launched the competition web pages ( and extended the deadline for entries to 30th April.

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