This is the list of public deliverables of the project.

GLOBALITV-D1.1- Project Management Guidelines.pdf (51 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D2.1- High-Level Description ITV Landscape.pdf (44 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D2.2- Use Cases And Scenarios.pdf (43 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D2.3- Functional And Interoperability Requirements.pdf (49 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D3.1- State Of The Art Technology Report And Review.pdf (46 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D3.2-Initial-High-Level-Architecture-And-First-Specifications.pdf (49 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D3.3-Prototype-Planning.pdf (48 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D3.4- Final Specification.pdf (46 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D3.5- Prototype Implementation.pdf (50 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D3.6- Prototype Implementation Play Out.pdf (45 descargas)
GLOBALITV- D4.1-Basic Concepts For Application Development.pdf (46 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D4.2- First Set Of Libraries And Components.pdf (47 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D4.3- Concept And First Components For Public Service Application.pdf (49 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D4.4- First Concept Programme Related Application.pdf (43 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D4.5- Final Hybrid Public Service Application.pdf (52 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D4.6- Final Hybrid TV Programme Related Application.pdf (44 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D4.7- Final Public Guidelines For Application Development.pdf (47 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D5.1- Testing And Evaluation Plan.pdf (49 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D5.2- Test Site Specification And First Set Up.pdf (50 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D5.3- Validation Plan and Interoperability Tests.pdf (47 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D5.4- RunningTest-Sites.pdf (46 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D5.5- User Test Results And Acceptance Report.pdf (50 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D6.1- Running Project Website.pdf (47 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D6.2- Initial Dissemination Plan.pdf (50 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D6.3- Intermediate Dissemination Plan.pdf (45 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D6.4- Organization Of The GLOBAL ITV Council.pdf (48 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D6.5- Standardization Plan.pdf (52 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D6.6- Final Dissemination Report.pdf (49 descargas)
GLOBALITV-D6.7- Final Report On GLOBAL ITV Council Activities.pdf (48 descargas)