EBU publishes guide to analyse media storage needs & costs.

The EBU  has published a new guide ( EBU Tech 3359 ) to help media organisations answer a question that is easy to pose, but hard to answer: “How to find good enough media storage solutions at reasonable cost?”. The question is hard because it requires balancing business needs with costs, both of which are not obvious to specify. Many organisations find it hard to identify their true storage demands, due to a lack of knowledge or resources. As the EBU guide notes, this can easily lead to solutions based on “a mix of old best practices and a wishful trust in vague promises about the coming high tech storage products”. On the other side of the equation there are many hidden costs related to media storage. Tech 3359 identifies 26 (!) different types of costs, including those related to for example floor space, cooling, decommissioning, disaster recovery labour, and planned downtime.

Cloud storage services and costs are not targeted in the guide as there are many external issues (like legalissues, security issues and wide area network capacity) that will need to be addressed that does notfall within the scope of the document.

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