GLOBAL ITV Council, present at BIT! Experience

Tomás Cid presents the Council in BIT! Experience (Audiovisual Technologies Days)

On June, 18th, the GLOBAL ITV Council offered a Workshop within the BIT! Experience event in Madrid. BIT! Experience is one of the most important dates for audiovisual sector in Spain. More than 70 experts shared their experience and thoughts about the present and the future of the sector with public.

The workshop was called GLOBAL ITV as a sponsor of interoperability in Brazil – EU Interactive TV, and was presented by the European co-Chair of the Council, Tomás Cid. Tomás started his speech explaining the origin of the GLOBAL ITV Project, its objectives, the results already obtained and the results expected to come.

Then, he described the Council as

  1. an independent advisory board that validates or comments the research done in the Project, and
  2. The way to keep alive the developments and progresses done in the project, beyond the Project boundaries.

Then, the round of questions started. To the question: are you planning to expand your scope, further than Brazil and Europe?, Tomás answered that the Council should have a wide sense of interactivity, and consider both other countries (taking advantage of the influence of Brazil over other neighbor countries) and standards and even other stakeholders than pure broadcasting related, as Over the Top and IPTV players. From Tomás’ point of view, four agents will lead the way in interactivity: broadcasters, technology companies, public administrations, and advertising companies.

What about the set-top boxes, someone from the audience asked. It depends on the part of the world: in Europe the TV sets manufacturers lead the way and push the users to buy news TVs more often than years ago, so they could include GLOBAL ITV developments as a new feature. In Brazil, an important project to fund 16 million of receivers is going to be launched, so Public Administrations also can significantly influence the market.

The last contribution from the public was this: in Latin America, the classic concept of interactive TV seemed not to be very much as broadcast plus broadband contribution, as broadband was unlikely to cover all regions in huge countries. It seemed to be conceived more like a TV set being able to run some apps broadcasted in a carrousel. Is this the approach in GLOBAL ITV? Tomás replied that this was the scenario some years ago, but now it is expected that the scenario will change with the 4G licenses assigned, and the important deployment of mobile IP networks. So, a new generation of hybrid Ginga is starting to launch.

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