GLOBAL ITV Council Summit in Brasilia in 10th December 2015

The Council did plan to hold a final meeting in connection with the end of Global ITV project. A previous meeting was held in Sao Paulo in October 2015 under the auspices of the USP. In addition to such meeting, a final Council meeting was organized as a milestone to discuss the outcome of the Council, its usefulness contributions and the interest for the Brazilian stakeholders.

Therefore, a time and venue was selected for the final Council meeting: Brasilia at the premises of the Empresa Brasil de Comunicacoes (EBC), because its leadership in the promotion and launch of digital interactive television solutions in Brazil. Its own project, Brazil 4D, was an inspiration for the Global ITV Council.

Negotiations were arranged and logistics made available for the Council meeting. A-CING took the lead on the negotiation and arrangements with the key stakeholders of Brazil and the EBC to host this final meeting of the Council in Brasilia. As a consequence of this, new Council members were also added to the Council.

The venue of the EBC cultural room was great for the success of the Council meeting.

As usual, the online remote participation was also kept through the GoToMeeting platform.

In addition, the EBC broadcast the Council meeting through the EBC portal via video streaming.

As the approach of the meeting was international, online translation from Portuguese to English and vice versa was offered to the public in EBC premises and via GoToMeeting.

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