Global ITV Council


Beyond the Project: GLOBAL ITV council

The GLOBAL ITV Council is a group of independent experts, mainly from Europe and Brazil but also from other parts of the world, with the objective of promoting interoperable solutions for advanced interactive digital television services, as well as fostering future common research priorities between European and Brazilian researchers. The Council set itself also as an important platform to:

  • to stimulate and support ICT policies in connection with the widest adoption interactive TV, as well as the services and applications which can be benefited from the availability of core interactive platforms;
  • to set recommendations on common R&D priorities, opportunities and challenges, focusing particularly on long-term perspectives between Europe and Latin America in support of deployment of hybrid broad-cast and broadband technologies;
  •    share experiences of European and Brazilian deployments;
  •    develop roadmaps on the implementation of interactive digital television services,
  •    contribute to socialize the outcome of GLOBAL ITV,
  •    enhance the relevance of the Interactive digital Television and the importance of standards to reach economies of scale, and
  •    delineate possible landscape for future research avenues.

It is conceived as a new institution created inside the GLOBAL ITV project and supported by it until the end of 2015, but independent of the project constraints looking for a longer life, with the aim of continuing its activities after the end of the project.

Members of the Council are well-reputed experts from the broadcast industry, the industry associations, app developers, experts, academia, policy makers, etc., acting always as individual people independently of their positions in their organizations. If you consider yourself an expert willing to contribute to the activities of the GLOBAL ITV Council, you are more than welcome! Please, send your expression of interest to



Video of the GLOBAL ITV Council Summit in Brasilia