About us

Our Mission

To promote interoperable solutions for advanced interactive digital television services, and to foster future common research priorities between European and Brazilian researchers, and between researchers from other parts of the world.

Who we are

The GLOBAL ITV Council is a group of independent international experts who voluntarily join and discuss about topics regarding interactive TV technologies. The Council set itself as an important platform to share experiences of European and Brazilian deployments and roadmaps on the implementation of interactive digital television services.

The ways to implement the Council activities are:

   –    Audio and video meetings via web,
   –   Physical meetings,
   –   E-mail discussions,
   –   Presence in significant events,
   –   Development of papers for discussion,
   –   Social media networks activities.

It is conceived as a new institution created inside the GLOBAL ITV project and supported by the GLOBAL ITV project until the end of 2015, but independent of GLOBAL ITV looking for a longer life.

More information regarding the Council activities can be found on GLOBAL ITV Project Website, Newsletters, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Highlights in its history

On December 2013, GLOBAL ITV Council was conceived as a new institution created inside the FP7 GLOBAL ITV project and supported by GLOBAL ITV Project until December 2015.
On January 2014, its organization, structure and suggested members were approved by the GLOBAL ITV Project Steering Committee.
During the summer of 2014, areas of study and first topics for discussion were proposed and prioritized by the Council members.
On September 2014, Alex Mestre was proclaimed Chairman.
On October 2014, coordinators for each Area of debate were proclaimed.
From October 2014 until today, several papers have been released and several meetings have been held (read more). 

In March 2015, Tomás Cid and André Barbosa succeeded Alex Mestre as co-Chair.
In December 2015, a successful GLOBAL ITV Council Summit was held in Brasilia at EBC premises.

Organization and roles


The Council will act with two co-chair, one European and other Brazilian, to assure proper representativeness of stakeholders in both sides of the Atlantic sea.

Brazilian co-Chair

AndréBarbosaAndré Barbosa Filho is PhD in Communication Sciences. André is the Executive Superintendent of Institutional Relations and Communication in EBC (Empresa Brasil de Comunicação), responsible of institutional areas in the company, taking care of the relationship with the Congress, the Government, civil society, and regulatory agencies. He also is the General Coordinator of Brazil 4D, a successful Digital Public Interactive TV initiative.

He is a digital media and communication strategies researcher. André’s main fields of research are Digital TV, Digital radio, broadcasting network infrastructure, regulation, policies, and commercial strategy. 

European co-Chair

tomasCidTomás Cid is the Chairman of the GLOBAL ITV Council.  Tomás has a degree in Electronic Engineering (Polytechnic University of Cataluña, 1975). His whole professional life has been associated to the ICT sector, having assumed different managerial positions in Telefonica and Agbar Corporation.

From 1991, he focus on Digital and Interactive Television, having performed as Technical and Operation Director of the pioneer company Interactive Television S.A. and as a General Manager for Cybermedia Systems. He has been member of two of the most important prospective bodies in ICT sector (Telefónica, OPTI) and was a close collaborator of the Aprotech R&D office in AMETIC. He was the promoter of Alcazar Digital TDT project, a big dynamic demonstrator of interactive services over DTT within a “digital island” (30.000 people), with applications offering entertainment and information society services.

He is currently the General Manager of Symelar Innovación, a niche Company in the convergence area between ICTs and Media, with an important focus on R&D.  Additionally, he is the VicePresident of AEDETI (Spanish Association of Interactive Television Companies) and is also a consultant for other companies in specific R&D projects.

Role of the Chair: The GLOBAL ITV Council Chair is in charge of setting the strategic vision of the Council, presiding over the Council meetings, and representing the Council in GLOBAL ITV Council related events.

Both co-Chair can delegate functions in Secretariats when he consider it is appropriated.


Role of Secretariat. The secretariats are in charge of the right development of the Council operational activity. They contribute to the setting up of meetings and the redaction of its minutes, the release of debate themes and papers, the update of the website and social media, and the general support to members.

A team of European and Brazilian Council members were selected as Secretariats by the GLOBAL ITV Project Steering Committee:

  • Jaime Mancebo, ICT Manager of A-CING.
  • Gustavo Calixto, Researcher at LSI-USP and Professor at SENAC-SP.
  • Julián Seseña, New Business Development Director at A-CING.

Areas of Debate

Council members were invited to freely suggest their preferred topics for discussion related with interactive TV.

They did, getting as a result of this invitation a large list of topics.

These topics were grouped in four Areas of Debate: Standardization, Interoperability, Pre-commercial, and Policy.

Every Area has a Coordinator of activities and several topics for debate.