What does being a GLOBAL ITV Council member mean?


Having a seat in the GLOBAL ITV Council means that you:
– have access to the GLOBAL ITV Council mail list where internal discussions take place,
– are invited to Council meetings,
– are invited to express your opinion about topics, verbally, by email or in a document,

– receive news, papers, etc. regarding Interactive TV in your mailbox.


Just one: you should maintain a certain degree of participation in Council activities, to help the Council to achieve its goals.

How to apply

Just send an email with your name, email address and a brief summary of your expertise to

Why should I join the Council?

We have asked our members to tell us why they joined the Council. Here you can find some of their answers (sorted out by alphabetical order):

I joined because I am interested in following the standardization of HbbTV and the integration between the European and the Brazilian TV systems.
Fernando Pescador

As a council member, I contribute my expertise and time to provide feedback on the ongoing activities that the council supervises and make sure they are aligned with the industry. Of course each council member has different skills and expertise in different areas, to make sure we cover all relevant areas.
By being part of the council we can contribute our expertise in the embedded browser and interactive TV world to a larger community in order to foster the creation of interactive TV standards which ultimately will provide benefit for the industry and the end-user.
Giuseppe Pascale

I joined the council because I believe that convergence does not happen overnight and needs a lot of cooperation with educated people and companies, which is exactly what this Council is!
Jean-Charles Verdie

I joined the Council because I strongly believe that everything today points towards advancing technological convergence soon in the future. This convergence, allowing full compatibility and interoperability among TV platforms, will spread much more easily the concept of universal access to TV services, providing this valuable and desirable feature to citizens characterized by their global scope and reality.
José Antonio Quintela Gonsalves

For those of us working in the innovative multimedia and TV business is a must to know last trends, to understand new technologies and to share experiences and opinions with other colleagues. Being a GLOBAL ITV Council member is a good way to do that.
Juan Mancebo

Primarily because I believe that GLOBAL ITV is a potential project with, in addition, through the board may be made a project diffusion work and market analysis for receipt of this new technology. Another important point is that I believe that the Council may refer matters that are of utmost importance for interactive Digital TV area.
Marcos Cesar da Rocha Seruffo

I joined the GLOBAL ITV Council to promote standards based on software solutions, primarily HTML5, HbbTV and DLNA, and to better understand the unique opportunities and requirements of the Brazilian market.
Robert Guest

To collaborate on a number of innovative research and development in the area of Interactive Television with colleagues across the globe.
Sanaz Fallahkhair

Council Members Today

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