GLOBAL ITV researchers discuss innovation and democratization in iDTV

The activity brought together researchers, teachers and students from several national and international educational institutions.

By, Rafaela Nogueira, ITI-A scholarship student of GLOBAL ITV 


On the last day 24th, the panel “Mídia Cidadã e os Desafios Democráticos da Digitalização: Projeto GLOBAL ITV” (Citizen Media and Democratic Challenges Scan: GLOBAL ITV Project) was held.  The project coordinator of the Brazilian side, Marcelo Zuffo (USP) commented the scenario and the perspectives for Brazilian analogue switch-off. The exhibitor Ana Silvia Médola (UNESP) explained the educational possibilities of interactive applications for digital television, especially for children and teenagers. Emphasizing the changes in television language pointed out that “the internet has changed everything we knew about the communication”. Another exhibitor was Alexander Kieling (UCB), who spoke about the horizontalisation phenomenon of media and their reconfigurations, discussing the possibilities of democratization and interaction by digital television. Finally, the commentator Alan Angeluci (USCS) highlighted that hybridism, multi disciplinarity and democratization were common points in the speech of exhibitors and concluded by saying that “the human being needs to relate to machines that are smart. The GLOBAL ITV thinks about this relation”. Also, mediation was done by project scholarship Carlos Henrique Sabino Caldas.

The activity integrated the programming of X Conferência Brasileira de Mídia Cidadã, V Conferência Sul-Americana de Mídia Cidadã, organized by Maria Cristina Gobbi, also a GLOBAL ITV researcher, and carried out with the support of Faculdade de Arquitetura, Artes e Comunicação da Universidade Estadual Paulista, between 22nd and 24th of april.



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