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Global ITV Newsletter agust 2014

August 2014 Publication

For our current newsletter we have included a series of related scenarios this month with articles and interactive systems.

Klaus Merkel

Global ITV project
by Klaus Merkel, IRT

The goal of the joint European-Brazilian research project GLOBAL ITV is to develop a globally interoperable iTV platform, enabling the coexistence, interoperability and convergence of existing iTV standards.

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Juliana Gobbi

Future Global Interactive TV scenarios (2015..2020)
by Juliana Gobbi, UNESP

The European Union is finalizing its digitization process, a significant portion of the countries have already reached the goal of converting from analog to digital system.

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Christian Keimel

Is interoperability of interactive television systems possible? by Christian Keimel, IRT.

Today’s interactive TV (iTV) landscape is fragmented and multiple iTV solutions exist, often implicitly associated with a specific broadcasting system, for example, MHP, MHEG5 and HbbTV as iTV solution for DVB-S/-T/-C or Ginga for ISDB-Tb.

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global itv

The challenges of GLOBAL ITV in northern Brazil
by Global ITV UFPA team

The 1st Workshop of the GLOBAL ITV project was held at the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) on May 1, 2014, hosted by the UFPA staff.

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gustavo Calixto and Christian Fuhrhop

The current interactive television world.

Ginga interactive TV framework: expanding the Digital TV user interactive experience in Brazil, by Gustavo Calixto, USP.
Ginga is the standardized interactive TV (iTV) framework adopted by SBTVD (Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão Digital) which allows broadcasters to send interactive additional content for Digital TV (DTV) end-users.

DVB Interactive systems by Christian Fuhrhop, Fraunhofer FOKUS
MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) was published in 2000. The first consumer devices reached the market in 2002. MHP applications (called “Xlets”) are primarily Java based.

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global itv

Setting the Global ITV Council
by Julián Seseña, A-CING

GLOBAL ITV Council, a worldwide group of experts representing the widest scope of knowledge towards options for interoperability of interactive and hybrid TV systems.

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Global ITV

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