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Global ITV Newsletter agust 2014

March 2015 Publication

The third GLOBAL ITV newsletter is fully devoted to the GLOBAL ITV Council: its objectives, its organization, some articles about the Secretariats and some Council members, and the Council work plan for 2015.

Gustavo Calixto

Global ITV Council - Who we are
by Gustavo Calixto, Council Secretariat.

The GLOBAL ITV Council is a group of independent experts, mainly from Europe and Brazil but also from other parts of the world, with the objective of promoting interoperable solutions for advanced interactive digital television services, as well as fostering future common research priorities between European and Brazilian researchers.

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Jaime Mancebo

Tomás Cid - New Global ITV Chairman
by Jaime Mancebo, Council Secretariat.

In March 2015, Tomás Cid succeeded Alex Mestre as Chairman.

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Julián Seseña

Global ITV Council - Organization and Roles
by Julián Seseña, Council Secretariat.

Descriptions of people using a cutting-edge technology are essential to define how this invention would work in terms of hardware, software and user’s requirements. That is one of the main reasons to use scenario-based methods in research projects when discussing and analyzing an idea to be implemented in the real world.

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Camilo Centeno

Challenges of App developers in Brazil
by Camilo Centeno, Council member (Brazil).

There are not a big number of app developers for Ginga in Brazil; it still is not a grown market. In addition, as the DTV and the internet access is not spread all over the country, millions of Brazilian viewers has not been impacted by the Ginga Apps already launched, decreasing the interests by developers, advertisers and broadcasters to invest in new apps. This are among others the challenges of iTV app developers in Brazil.

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Fabio Cardoso

Go with the flow, and second screen!
by Fabio Cardoso, UNESP (Brazil).

The use of mobile devices while the viewer watches television content is already a reality in Brazil and in Europe. Used as a second screen, smartphones and tablets allow the viewer to find out more about that program that aired on TV. Ginga and HbbTV offer features that make these interactions between content and a second screen possible.

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global itv

Marketing of new global systems
by Alfredo Lango, Council member (Mexico).

Markets are changing as human communication around the world does, giving greater importance to the interaction through social networks and video games than to classical television and films in their total turnover.

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global itv

Why did I join the Council?
by GLOBAL ITV Council members.

We have asked our members to tell us why they joined the Council.

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global itv

GLOBAL ITV Council | 2015 Work Plan.

This is the GLOBAL ITV Council Work Plan for 2015. Providing information about meetings, papers and content.

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