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Global ITV Newsletter agust 2014

May 2015 Publication

For our current newsletter we have included a series of articles related with the GLOBAL ITV playout, applications development and information about the current activities carried out by the GLOBAL ITV council.

Tomas Cid

Global ITV Council Challenges.
by Tomas Cid, SYMELAR, Council EU co-chair.

The GLOBAL ITV Council has arrived to its cruising speed and is clearly becoming a wide and operative debate body with the aim of promoting the advantages of interactive TV, looking for effective and realistic interoperability solutions and helping to create a global market of interactive applications.

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Celso Kurashima

GLOBAL ITV applications development.
by Celso Kurashima and Geiza Costa, UFABC (Brazil).

In the near future all of us will enjoy numerous applications running on television and connecting with our mobile devices.

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Christian Fuhrhop

Adding HTML5 to HbbTV 1.0
by Christian Fuhrhop, Fraunhofer FOKUS.

Global ITV will add HTML 5 capabilities to the multi-standard set-top boxes developed in the project. This will allow applications to improve appearance and handling and allow the creation of applications that are more attractive to end-users.

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GLOBAL ITV playout
by UNICAMP (Brazil).

Playout refers to the transmission of content such as radio and TV into broadcast networks. In GLOBAL ITV project, the main objective of the playout lies on multiplexing different types of interactivity in the same TS (transport stream).

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Jaime Mancebo

GLOBAL ITV Council: Interoperability of existing standards
by Jaime Mancebo, A-CING, Council secretariat.

The GLOBAL ITV Council discusses its terms of reference and technical issues regarding interoperability of existing standards.

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Encouraging the GLOBAL ITV Council
by Cellnex Telecom, GLOBAL ITV project partner.

The role of the GLOBAL ITV Council, formed by relevant Brazilian and European experts on digital television, is to stimulate and encourage ICT policies in connection with HbbTV technology trying to build bridges of interoperability with Ginga interactive TV system in Brazil. The Council is also the board within the project in charge of the engagement of the third parties and the project exposition to the scientific community.

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