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GLOBAL ITV at SET Expo 2015

GLOBAL ITV project was presented at SET Expo, organised by SET (Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia de Televisao), a premier business and technology event for broadcast and new media in Latin America.

The 27th edition of SET Expo took place in São Paulo between the 23rd and 27th of August and was divided into a large Trade Fair for equipment, products and services, and a technical and scientific Congress, bringing together both the leading manufacturers on the global market and the most important industry specialists.

There were more than 200 exhibitors, representing more than 400 Brazilian and international brands, showing their most intelligent and sophisticated solutions for the production, distribution and exhibition of content on multiple platforms. GLOBAL ITV was among the exhibitors and presented a demo of the project.

“The importance of SET EXPO lies in the event’s ability to bring together the key interests of the entire broadcast industry chain. The Trade Fair and Congress provide opportunities for industry professionals to network, while creating possibilities for business deals in Brazil, Latin America and worldwide”, Olímpio J. Franco, president and founding member of SET, explained

GLOBAL ITV researchers, Professor Marcelo Knörich Zuffo and Professor Gustavo Calixto, also attended the Conference Programme.

The first panel “W3C - World Wide Web Consortion. Performance and range”, discussed about the growth perspectives of TV on the web, addressing considerations about new business models and technologies and the development on new applications, streaming, interactive and accessibility. Finally, the debate brought all these topics under the umbrella of the norms that are in the W3C agenda, which can empower TV content and business in any display. The panel was chaired by Rodrigo Arnaut (TV Globo / ERA Transmídia / FAAP), and brought together important professionals: Karen Myers (W3C), Marcelo Knörich Zuffo (GLOBAL ITV / CITI-USP), Marcelo Mattar (Samsung), Vinícius Souza (Microsoft), Juliana Psaros (Opera TV) and Eduardo Neger (ABRANET).

The second panel, “Professionals prepared by the Universities” addressed how educational organisations are preparing professionals able to deal with demands and technologies of the future, focusing on Engineering and Communication. Cleber Giorgetti (SET) chaired it, and the participants were: Amilton da Costa Lamas (PUC-Campinas), José Frederico Rehme (RPC TV / Universidade Positivo), Carlos Augusto Rocha (Instituto Nacional de Telecomunicações) and Gustavo Moreira Calixto (GLOBAL ITV / CITI-USP)

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Newsletter summary

• GLOBAL ITV at SET Expo 2015

• First interoperability tests for DVB

• Objective testing

• A challenging way to think about test with users

• Participation in the international research project - GLOBAL ITV

• Healthcare Ginga Application

• Juliana Gobbi interviews Joseph Straubhaar, member of the GLOBAL ITV Council

Global ITV

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