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Global ITV Newsletter agust 2014

Sep 2015 Publication

For our current newsletter we have included a series of articles related to SET Expo 2015, GLOBAL ITV test, applications development and an interview with Joseph Straubhaar.

GLOBAL ITV at SET Expo 2015
by USP Team.

GLOBAL ITV project was presented at SET Expo, organised by SET (Sociedade Brasileira de Engenharia de Televisao), a premier business and technology event for broadcast and new media in Latin America.

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First interoperability tests for DVB
by Christian Keimel, IRT.

During the recent interoperability tests, IRT focused on two major aspects to confirm the feasibility of the GLOBAL ITV coexistence specification in a real-life environment: Firstly, it had to be checked that the dual AIT signalling approach does not interfere with a terminal’s normal operation, and secondly we surveyed if this also holds true for a sufficiently large range of DVB-C-capable TV sets and STBs from different manufacturers.

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Objective testing
by Jean-Paul Bernoux, TDF.

The ambition of GLOBAL ITV is to define the conditions for the convergence of Interactive TV system between Europe and Brazil. To achieve that goal several steps have been defined.

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A challenging way to think about test with users
by UFPA Team.

In different parts of the world, researchers and developers of new technologies have been concerned about aspects beyond technical performance, given the increasingly competitive markets and the growing realization of the importance of acceptance and ownership of end users.

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Participation in the international research project - GLOBAL ITV
by Manuel Melic, TARA Systems.

In the context of the Global ITV project, several European and Brazilian companies, organizations, and research institutions have set themselves the goal of developing an interactive, global iTV platform. The first step is to achieve the coexistence, interoperability, and convergence of HbbTV and Ginga.

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Healthcare Ginga Application for GLOBAL ITV
by UCB Team.

The app developed by the UCB team provides health information to the average Brazilian user. The app's content ranges from symptoms and prevention of common chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, to the indication of services provided by the Brazilian Healthcare System, SUS (Sistema Único de Saúde).

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Trends and Challenges for the future TV.
Joseph Straubhaar interviewed by Juliana Gobbi.

GLOBAL ITV Researcher Juliana Gobbi from UNESP interviews Professor Joseph Straubhaar, member of the GLOBAL ITV Council and Professor of Communications in the Department of Radio-TV-Film at The University of Texas at Austin.

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